Wild Strawberry Cafe, Woodbridge

Wild Strawberry Cafe, Woodbridge

The food available has been developed and constantly improved by the sister team Isobel McGovern and Suzy Sledmere; more local produce is continually introduced into their menu, adding to the charm of the cafe with its already friendly atmosphere. 

A few examples of this produce include the use of the Sutton Hoo free range chicken, Stokes (Rendlesham) chutney and Alder Tree handmade fruit ice cream. The team also bake daily - the most appealing aspect of any cafe for cake and cookie lovers like myself!

The complete lunch, breakfast, children's and outside catering menus are available on their website.

The outside catering service also provided by the Wild Strawberry Cafe continues to grow - a great chance to take advantage of delicious food at home without the unwanted effort of  cooking yourself; you're on holiday after all!

The team cater for small private dinner parties, canape parties, children’s birthday parties, corporate lunch platters and they offer a range of traditional British fare for you to heat and serve at home. The cakes, bars and cookies are baked for you to takeaway, so you can enjoy these delicious treats while relaxing by the fire in your lovely Woodbridge cottage.

For more information about the cafe you could visit their website, which provides some pictures that make a trip to the cafe utterly irresistible!

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