The Pit Stop Cafe, Southwold

The Pit Stop Cafe, Southwold

A best kept secret by Southwold locals is this wonderful child-friendly cafe nestled on the Common between the Water Tower and the Golf Club. 

Every day in the summer you’ll find this full of local families, whose children nag them to go  because it’s a perfect place to run free in a save and fun environment. The Pit Stop is enclosed on three sides, and filled with bicycles, toy cars, slides and a mass of other garden games, as well as books, colouring books, pens, dolls houses, garages, rocking horses, jigsaws all handy to keep your little ones occupied on a rainy day.

There are four tennis courts, which the Pit Stop rent out for a small fee, and visitors can even hire tennis racquets and balls. On Saturdays local children come here for tennis coaching – it’s turn up and play, so anyone can join in. 

And when the courts aren’t being used for tennis they’re usually full of younger children taking their first shaky turns on scooters and bicycles.

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