Milsoms, Kesgrave

Milsoms, Kesgrave

Milsoms at Kesgrave Hall is a 100-seat restaurant that features an open-plan kitchen and simply exquisite cuisine.

Truly mouth-watering food is available (breakfast, lunch and dinner); Head Chef Stuart Oliver makes extensive use of the local seasonal produce available to create meals full of colour and flavour, whether a traditional classic or world cuisine. The atmosphere at Milsoms is also lovely; the fact that the restaurant is open throughout the day creates a relaxed mood that's difficult to achieve in many restaurants, and this is instantly noticeable upon arrival.

The full menu is available from 12 noon until 9.30pm (10pm Friday and Saturday nights) which means that, although you cannot book at Kesgrave, you can visit at any time without worrying about not being served. This makes a day full of Suffolk exploration very possible!

There are also Childrens', Party, Bunker and Showcase Menus.

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