Ives Ice Cream Parlour, Aldeburgh

Serving many flavours of ice cream, tea and coffee, this cafe is perfect for those in need of a treat bursting with 'Aldeburgh charm'. 

Situated within a 1 minute walk of the beach, why not pop along, grab a Devon Toffee ice cream (my personal favourite) and have a good old walk on the shingle beach? Although popular, the service is great in the cafe, so even in July and August the wait is never more than five minutes. 

If you have even more of a sweet tooth, the sweet shop Shingle and Sherbet next to Ives sells a very large range of sweets, from those traditional favourites to jelly snakes and lollipops. Well worth a visit if you're looking to take a souvenir back to friends or children - or for a personal treat no one needs to know about!


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