D.A. Browne & Son Family Butchers, Diss

D.A. Browne & Son Family Butchers, Diss

Specialising in their own cured gammon, bacon and cooked ham, D. A Browne & Son are a family butcher shop, providing Harleston with locally sourced produce.

Deliveries available.

'D A Browne & Son is a traditional family butchers. Founded in 1934 by Dan Browne, the business is currently managed by his grandson Danny with shops in Diss and Harleston.

Though much has changed in the trade over the past 76 years “Brownes” have kept many of the old traditional ways.'

They still make pork cheese (brawn) and are able to get such things as sweet bread, pigs fry and tripe and the more unusual, ostrich and kangaroo steaks. 

They cure and smoke all their own bacon and hams and have done now for the last 20 years. The process takes weeks not minutes unlike manufactured bacon and hams.

Fresh milk and eggs are also sold at the shop. 

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