Chilli & Chives, Lavenham

Chilli & Chives, Lavenham

Really welcoming, good coffee and nice atmosphere with superb deli. Chilly and Chives is a deli style cafe in the heart of the Lavenham serving a selection of snacks, lunches, puddings and cakes, as well as a wide range of teas and coffees made from the lovely Butterworths brand from Bury St Edmunds. Food is freshly prepared and made by Chilli and Chives.

The deli includes savoury and sweet items, award winning coffee, teas, locally pressed Suffolk apple juice, olives, cakes, frozen puddings and meals.

Their frozen meals and puddings packaged under the name of Chilli and Chives and the Proper Pudding Company are available at the tea room as well as local farm shops.

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