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Where to Picnic in Suffolk - Part II


As the end of summer fast approaches, so does the end of the county’s spell of gorgeous weather - and with it the opportunity to picnic! Make sure to get outside and take advantage of our county’s finest picnic locations, before the sun disappears for another year. Visit Suffolk bring you part two of our top Picnic picks.

Walberswick Beach

Boasting an unspoilt, picturesque sandy beach which stretches for miles, Walberswick is truly one of Suffolk’s best kept secrets. Tucked away across the River Blyth, until the early 20th century it was known as a trading port but has since become a Suffolk hotspot. The beach itself is backed by sand dunes and surrounded by marshland, both idyllic locations for a seaside picnic.

After you’ve finished scoffing those sausage rolls, make sure to try your hand out at crabbing! As the unofficial crabbing capital of the UK, the beach at Walberswick is the ultimate location to indulge in this seaside pastime. Whilst you’re visiting, also make sure to take a stroll through the heathland and marshes surrounding the village, declared an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and popular with walkers.

Flatford and Constable Country walk

John Constable, often referred to as the greatest English landscape painter of all time, drew much of his inspiration from Suffolk’s glorious scenery. Each summer he would return to the county, drawing great inspiration from its valleys, meadows, rivers and farmland, painting the idyllic views on his famous six-foot canvases. Many of the scenes remain easily recognisable in the present day.

Popular during the summer months, Constable Country can get crowded during the in warm weather but the scenery makes it perfect for the a picnic. Pack your hamper and take a stroll through some of the country’s most idyllic views; this location is ideal for both indulging in your al fresco dining and walking it off afterwards!


Ickworth is known as one of England’s most extraordinary houses, surrounded in layers of history, landscape and architecture. Make a day of it and enjoy four square miles of landscaped parkland, including the earliest Italianate garden in the UK featuring formal box hedges and mediterranean planting. Ickworth’s gardens were designed for privacy, space and freedom, featuring personal pathways and hidden glimpses of truly inspiring views.

Another advantage to Ickworth, aside from the plethora of beautiful scenery, are the delightful walks, cycle routes and children’s adventure playground, making it an ideal location for a family day out. Enjoy your picnic basked in the glory of this stunning terrain.

Dunwich Heath

Both of Dunwich’s Heath and Beach, now looked after by the National Trust, are beautiful to behold, featuring sandy cliffs, heathland and shore side walks as well as stunning flowering heather between the months of July and September. The landscape is also home to a multitude of wildlife, including nightjars, woodlarks and warblers. It certainly is the place to picnic if you wish to immerse yourself in nature!

Dunwich’s history is equally as fascinating. Infamous as “Britain’s Atlantis”, its visitors in the present day would be shocked to see the former city as it existed centuries ago. Once the early medieval capital of East Anglia, with many chapels, churches and splendid buildings, it has shrunk considerably in size as a result of storms and coastal erosion. Much of its great architecture is now lost to the sea.

For more locations, please see Part 1 of Where to Picnic in Suffolk.

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