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Where to Picnic in Suffolk


With the weather as wonderful as it has been lately, you would be a fool not to make the most of it and enjoy the best of the Suffolk summertime - and what better way than a picnic? It’s the perfect way to spend a relaxed August day, basking in sunshine and tranquility as the evening rolls in. Not only is picnicking cheaper than eating out, it also brings with it an entirely different experience of being one with nature, providing an opportunity for a quiet respite from the bustle of a holiday location.

With much of gorgeous Suffolk filled with boundless countryside - of scenic walks, breathtaking views and a plethora of wildlife - it truly is the perfect place to slow down and picnic in peace.

Rendlesham Forest

If you’re looking for somewhere family friendly to scoff those sausage rolls, Rendlesham Forest is the place to be! Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the forest is a unique destination, where families are free to cycle, walk and play to their hearts content. The forest is also infamous for the reported UFO sightings in 1980, often dubbed as ‘Britain’s Roswell,’ adding an extra sense of mystery to its already fantastical scenery.

Kids will love the fantastic new play area; ‘Out of This World’ features wooden play structures including log tunnels, a Bug Maze, a 3m high climbing wall and a ‘UFO handling zone’. There are also a number of designated picnic areas, perfect for refuelling in between activities!

Bawdsey Quay

Situated at the mouth of the River Deben, Bawdsey Quay truly has everything you need for an unforgettable picnic. Take in the stunning views, of boats bobbing on the water and sunlight glittering on the waves, all whilst sunning yourself on the exquisitely sandy beach. You can also rest assured that the kids will be well occupied; with crabbing in the jetty, building sandcastles and paddling in the water there is plenty to keep them entertained.

If you fancy some time away from the sand, there is also a grassy verge behind the beach, ideal for some rest and recuperation. For your convenience, there is also a car park located towards the end of the beach beside the ferry. To reach the Quay travel via Woodbridge, a perfect pit stop for local produce to pop in your hamper!

Clare Country Park

If you’re after somewhere a bit different to dine alfresco, then Clare Country Park is the place to visit! Located in the south of Clare and close to the town centre, the park is certainly a magnificent place to behold; visitors will be sure to marvel at the remains of a 13th century stone castle keep, set upon a 70ft high motte overlooking the town. It certainly makes for a rather enchanting spot!

Inner and outer baileys surround the remains of the castle, providing an alternative scenic view to take in whilst tucking into those sarnies. There is also plenty of room for outdoor games should you fancy packing the bats and balls, making it an ideal location for a family day out.

The Brecks 

The Brecks in Thetford has a reputation as one of the great natural areas of Britain - and with its stunning views, it’s certainly not hard to see why! Boasting a landscape that spans 370 square miles across Norfolk and Suffolk in the heart of the East of England, it includes the country’s largest lowland forest, the only inland sand dunes, heathland, pine forest, farms and wetland. The beautiful surroundings and ambience of of the area make it an ideal location for a picnic, either for all the family or a couple on a romantic jaunt.

As a result of The Breck’s eclectic combination of terrain and landscape, it is unsurprisingly home to many distinctive birds, plants and animals. You may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Stone Curlew or spot roaming deer in the forest, the area containing a whopping 28% of the UK’s rare and threatened species. A superb place for an ambient picnic.

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