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Jasper’s Jottings - Easter Walks at Boyton Marshes


When I was home for the Easter holidays on break from university, I thought I was well overdue some long, relaxing walks with my labrador Jasper. He was overly excited to be out and about - especially since he loves car journeys as he can look out of the window to see more of the big wide world. I thought I would attempt to take him somewhere different every day and our first destination was Boyton Marshes.

It was a pleasant surprise to get down to the Marshes, which lie between the villages of Orford and Hollesley, to find the day was quite beautiful for a morning in March. It seemed the blue skies were appealing to all kinds of wildlife, not merely myself and Jasper, as we spotted five seals sunbathing on the riverbanks. With the river at low tide, we could see the tracks in the mud from where the seals had heaved themselves up out of the water and they looked pretty chilled out. Jasper didn’t quite know what to make of them, never having seen a seal before, but as they were on the opposite side of the river to us he quickly lost interest and galloped off along the seawall footpath instead.

Boyton Marshes are bordered on one side by Butley River. It meets with the River Alde at the furthest point of the marshes before flowing out to sea. There is a stunning variety of wildlife in the area given the marshland, beach and reed bed habitats. We watched shelduck fly over, saw avocets squabble with redshanks and lapwings and followed a pair of oystercatchers as we neared the bend in the footpath alongside the meeting of the two rivers.

As we neared the point when the two rivers meet, we encountered a stile gate. Jasper, momentarily baffled, decided not to brave climbing the steps and chose instead to wriggle under it rather than go around. He looked awfully pleased with himself for managing to tackle the gate. We continued to walk, the sea shimmering on our left, and Jasper ran ahead, tongue lolling, happy to stretch his legs. Boyton Marshes is a great place for dog walkers and their dogs to breathe in the country air and admire the gorgeous scenery Suffolk has to offer.

After an hour or so walking, we retraced our steps to head to the car. Jasper merrily trotted at my side having worn himself out. I knew as soon as we got home he would curl up and indulge in a nice long nap. We passed by where the seals had been sunbathing only to see they had climbed back into the water, heads bobbing on the current. One seal in particular took a liking to us and followed us for a few minutes before it dipped under the water and disappeared. We caught sight of the resident mute swans that live in the marshes before we headed back home for some well deserved lunch. 

Bring your dog on holiday to Suffolk! Stay near Boyton Marshes at 6 Coastguard Cottages, Shingle Street (sleeps 4), Marshlands, Near Orford (sleeps 16) or Miller’s Cottage, Orford (sleeps 4)

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