Suffolk Golf - Coastal Courses

The modern game of golf originated in fifteenth century Scotland, and has since developed into a fun pastime for some, and serious sport for others. In Suffolk we are lucky to have a number of golf courses, so whether you’re a keen golfer or like to try you hand now and then there are lots of dif...

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Suffolk: a Literary Retreat

“A self-catering holiday in Britain can be many things: relaxing, sociable, convenient, reassuringly familiar. But this one felt genuinely inspirational… I rediscovered my love of reading, something that had been sidelined by the demands of work and motherhood.” -

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Where to See . . . Seals

There are two main species of seals which make the Suffolk Coast their home: common seals and grey seals. Common seals, also known as harbour seals, have grey or brown fur that is patterned with fine spots and their noses are distinctly V shaped. Their heads are rounded - a good way to tel...

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Where To Picnic In Suffolk

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